CanoeKayakWhitewaterRacingO. The image galleries in this sharegroup are some of my favorite captures of whitewater canoe and kayak slalom and wildwater competition and training - which were - except for the Wausau 2007 Open Canoe Nationals - mostly taken between 1970 and 2001. The image galleries in this "sharegroup" include "2007 USA WI Wausau Whitewater Open Canoe Slalom Nationals," "1971 - 1983 Yahara River Icebreaker Slalom (USA WI Madison)," "1972-1989 Last Ditch & Wolf River Slalom Whitewater (USA WI White Lake Wolf River)," "1981-1990 Wausau Slalom Whitewater (USA WI Wausau Wisconsin River)," "Best National and International Slalom Whitewater Races (1980's)," "Best National and International Wildwater Races (1977-1984)" and the "ACA USCKT Wolf River Instruction/Junior Olympic Development Canoe Kayak Camps for Kids" photos. Unless indicated otherwise on a particular image, most of these photos are by Copyright © Robert A. Obst and Dr. Colleen E. Hayes ( c/o, 608-658-6116). Colleen took most of the pictures of Bob Obst ! Family & friends, please feel free to download these pictures free for personal use (To do this - over the photo you want - click “Save Photo”) to your PC - from where you may print a photo if desired. Please NOTE that on this web site you may for a fee order photos printed professionally on paper and/or on merchandise such as mugs, T-Shirts, magnets, etc. (To do this click “Buy” above the selected photo; pictures on merchandise make great Christmas gifts !). Additional "golden oldie" photos may be posted here later as Bob Obst converts his best slides to digital images. Enjoy these photos. THANKS for visiting our CanoeKayakWhitewaterRacingO sharegroup ! Questions-feedback, please contact Bob Obst at, mobile 608-658-6116,, . For other paddlesport related photo galleries, check out WhitewaterExtraordiaireO at and "AdventuresPaddlesportFAVO" at . RAO 8/27/2014