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Hikers and mountain bicyclers and tour bus riders of the rugged gravel Denali Park Road are often eye to eye with wild Dall Sheep near Polychrome Pass within Denali National Park (USA Alaska Denali Park)

DBO-Collage_7122-7130-7133-7118_ATO.WestUSACanada2014-USA.MT.GlacierNP.GoingToTheSunRoad.492FTBirdWomanFalls-B (DSC_7122-7130-7133-7118.NEF)

DBO-Collage_7122-7130-7133-7118_ATO.WestUSACanada2014-USA.MT.GlacierNP.GoingToTheSunRoad.492FTBirdWomanFalls-B (DSC_7122-7130-7133-7118.NEF)

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